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Metal 3D Printing & Additive Manufacturing

Metal 3D Printing Ammunition

Posted by 3DEO on Feb 27, 2018 10:43:22 AM

In the firearms community, 3D printing is a topic of hot conversation. Firearms enthusiasts frequently pitch the benefits of additive manufacturing, which allows firms both large and small to rapidly prototype new components and pieces, and bring them to market faster. Hobbyists have been watching the pricing of AM equipment fall, some hoping that they can one day print complete firearms at home. As the saying goes, they want to "be able to produce AR-15s at home using 3D printers they paid for in Bitcoin..."

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Metal 3D Printing in Firearms: Real-World Case Studies

Posted by 3DEO on Jan 18, 2018 3:04:00 PM

While 2017 saw massive strides in metal 3D printing technology, 2018 shaped up to be the year metal 3D printing made commercial breakthroughs, especially in the firearms sector. With the huge advantage presented by metal 3D printing in terms of strength and durability, the firearms world embracing this additive manufacturing technique is only natural. There have been a few success stories so far in this space, from suppressors to 1911-style pistols, and we will undoubtedly see many more. 

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3DEO Team Spotlight: Richard Karst

Posted by 3DEO on Jan 1, 2018 3:28:00 PM


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How Gunsmiths and Small Local Gun Shops are Surviving (and Thriving) through the “Retail Apocalypse”

Posted by 3DEO on Oct 17, 2017 9:45:52 AM

Just a few months ago, Gander Mountain filed for bankruptcy—shutting down some of the largest firearms superstores in the country and proving that practically no industry is safe from what commentators are calling the “Retail Apocalypse.”

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Top 3 Benefits of MIM 17-4 PH Stainless Steel in Firearms Manufacturing

Posted by 3DEO on Oct 17, 2017 9:00:00 AM

MIM 17-4 PH is a powder metal alloy containing iron, chromium, and nickel. It’s ideal for firearms manufacturers who demand final product integrity, part complexity, and lower cost per part.

1. Maintains Firearms Accuracy with Structural Integrity

In the case of firearms, heat is the enemy of accuracy. Gun models that require steady or repeated discharge, as is the case of many automatic weapons produced for the defense industry, produce heat in the barrel. And that heat leads to expansion of the bore, which, in turn, allows the ordnance to spread. Instead of a tight grouping, a shooter will begin to see looser target patterns.

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How 3D printing Can Benefit the Firearms Industry

Posted by 3DEO on Oct 12, 2017 4:50:55 PM

It's truly interesting times for the firearms industry. The election of Donald Trump to the office of President of the United States has cooled the market somewhat, in a phenomenon known as the 'Trump Slump', though numbers reported via the FBI's National Instant Check System (NICS, aka the 'background check' system) for firearm purchases still show record levels of commerce in the industry. 

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3 Tips to Keep Firearms Design on Target with Metal 3D Printing

Posted by 3DEO on Oct 10, 2017 9:00:00 AM

Whether you’re designing silencers for muzzle-loading guns or the most efficient AR-15 lower receiver, keep these three ideas in mind to ensure the most profitable approach to firearms manufacturing and design.

1. Design Specifically for the Additive Manufacturing Process

As a designer, you need to have a particular metal additive manufacturing (AM) process in mind when creating your CAD model.

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4 Ways Metal 3D Printed Parts Fit Into the Firearms Manufacturing Supply Chain

Posted by 3DEO on Oct 3, 2017 9:00:00 AM

More firearms manufacturers realize that additive manufacturing is on target for their supplier sourcing strategies. How? Essentially, they’re banking on reducing costs by collapsing their manufacturing supply chain.

The internet was blown away a few years back with the historic announcement of the world’s first 3D-printed gun (the classic 1911 .45), leaving many firearms manufacturers and gun accessories producers wondering how (or if) metal additive manufacturing (AM) was going to affect their production models and procurement procedures.

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Additive Manufacturing In The Firearms Industry – Analysis

Posted by 3DEO on Sep 21, 2017 9:04:29 AM

As seen on

Tea. Earl Gray. Hot. Someday I want to turn to a space in my kitchen wall and utter those words – and get results. In my barn, however, I someday want to turn a space in the wall and speak “Silencer. 5.56mm. Length six inches. Diameter 1.75 inches. Mount threading 1/2 x 28.” and come back to find a new rifle suppressor made in a few moments. Although this process is unlikely to happen in my lifetime, Additive Manufacturing is posed to make a leap within the firearms industry – specifically within silencer manufacturing.

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