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Metal 3D Printing & Additive Manufacturing

3D Printing in the Operating Room: How Metal Additive Manufacturing is Transforming Surgery

Posted by 3DEO on Dec 1, 2017 11:00:00 AM

3D printing is being utilized in a variety of industries due to its high-quality customization capabilities and on-demand manufacturing, among other key benefits. Out in front among the sectors taking full advantage of additive manufacturing technology is the healthcare industry.

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3 Tips for Meeting Consumer Demand for Mass Customization

Posted by 3DEO on Nov 7, 2017 9:00:00 AM

Manufacturers are making headway in mass customization thanks to lean manufacturing, just-in-time inventory, and digital technologies like additive manufacturing.

Customizable consumer products can create production choke points in traditional manufacturing models. Additive manufacturing is one way to “unchoke” production for mass customization.

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Topics: Manufacturing, Design for 3D Printing, Mass Customization, Metal Additive Manufacturing

Top 4: 3D-Printed Implantable Medical Devices

Posted by 3DEO on Oct 24, 2017 9:00:00 AM

The medical device market is booming and is expected to reach a value of $543.9 billion by 2020, and an increasing number of those devices are the result of 3D printing.

3D printing’s big advantage is its ability to produce implantable medical devices customized specifically for a patient  –  more quickly and cost-effectively than in traditional manufacturing methods.

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New Powder Metal Alloys Added to MPIF Standard 35

Posted by 3DEO on Oct 19, 2017 9:00:00 AM

The MPIF Standard 35 for powder metallurgy now includes two aluminum alloys in the 2xxx designation series.

The Metal Powder Industries Federation (MPIF) released a new materials standard for aluminum alloys, which will become part of their Materials Standards for Metal Injection Molded Parts publication.

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How Gunsmiths and Small Local Gun Shops are Surviving (and Thriving) through the “Retail Apocalypse”

Posted by 3DEO on Oct 17, 2017 9:45:52 AM

Just a few months ago, Gander Mountain filed for bankruptcy—shutting down some of the largest firearms superstores in the country and proving that practically no industry is safe from what commentators are calling the “Retail Apocalypse.”

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Topics: Manufacturing, Design for 3D Printing, Metal 3D Printing, Firearms, Stainless Steel

3 Tips to Keep Firearms Design on Target with Metal 3D Printing

Posted by 3DEO on Oct 10, 2017 9:00:00 AM

Whether you’re designing silencers for muzzle-loading guns or the most efficient AR-15 lower receiver, keep these three ideas in mind to ensure the most profitable approach to firearms manufacturing and design.

1. Design Specifically for the Additive Manufacturing Process

As a designer, you need to have a particular metal additive manufacturing (AM) process in mind when creating your CAD model.

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Topics: Design for 3D Printing, Metal 3D Printing, Firearms

Tips & Tricks for Metal 3D Printing

Posted by 3DEO on Sep 10, 2017 10:33:41 AM

When it comes to low-volume manufacturing of metal parts, 3D metal printing is proving to be a paradigm shifting technology. Without a doubt, metal additive manufacturing will be the single largest boom for low/medium-volume manufacturing the world has ever seen.

There is a lot of buzz around the technology, and rightfully so. However, it has limitations that need to be well-understood by engineers. It's important to have a deep understanding of the process before designing for it. The purpose of this article is to offer a few tips and tricks that can help engineers just starting out on this journey.

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