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Material Specs

Metal 3D Printing Quality Series Video

Material Specs

Posted by 3DEO on Jan 24, 2019 8:45:00 AM

Material specs are important to 3DEO. We hold ourselves to the highest standard so our customers can trust and rely on our products.

We have developed in-house characterization capabilities to test and measure mechanical, environmental, metallurgical, and chemical properties of our parts. We collaborate with several accredited 3rd party testing labs, as well as academic research labs, to ensure the most accurate and updated information is reported to our customers.

One such property is surface finish. For many applications, the rough surface finish and layering effect in 3D printed components are not acceptable. 3DEO has worked hard to offer the best surface finish to our customers, so they can save a significant amount of time and cost in terms of post-processing.

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