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Customer Case Study: Ghost Ring

Metal 3D Printing Customer Case Study

Customer Case Study: Ghost Ring

Posted by 3DEO on Apr 19, 2019 7:24:00 AM



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Quick Summary

3DEO introduced the customer to the benefits of metal 3D printing by consolidating three components into a single part. This consolidation reduced piece price by 35%, eliminated inventory, improved the quality of the part, and streamlined the supply chain. 

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With investment casting, the ghost ring front sight was made of three individual parts that were welded together. This process was very costly and inefficient. The company approached 3DEO to save cost, simplify its supply chain, and improve part quality. 


Instead of welding three parts, metal 3D printing was used to consolidate the design into a single part. This simplified manufacturing and saved cost. After printing, the 17-4PH stainless steel part is black nitrided to add hardness, corrosion resistance, and color. 

Customer is "Rethinking" Manufacturing

3D printing changes the manufacturing paradigm

35% Lower Cost

The simplification of the part reduced final piece price by 35%.

No Mold = Fast Design Changes

Escape the tyranny of the mold and modify designs on the fly.

Low Volume Production

By manufacturing on demand, metal 3D printing streamlines supply chain. 

Superior Quality & Surface Finish

3DEO's parts had better quality and finish than investment casting.

About 3DEO

Based in Los Angeles, 3DEO is a production manufacturer of small and complex metal parts for customers of a variety of industries. The patented metal 3D printing technology is directly competitive with traditional manufacturing in terms of part pricing, material properties, and quantities. 3DEO's part properties exceed the high industry benchmark MPIF Standard 35 while achieving tight tolerances (+/- 0.002") and superior surface finish (100Ra). 

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