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Customer Case Study: ErgoKiwi

Metal 3D Printing Customer Case Study Video

Customer Case Study: ErgoKiwi

Posted by 3DEO on May 23, 2019 3:14:06 PM

Customer Case Study: ErgoKiwi | 3DEO - Metal 3D Printing from 3DEO on Vimeo.


Quick Summary

ErgoKiwi wanted to utilize metal 3D printing for a latch used in their ergonomic cutting tool. They were underwhelmed by the visual quality of another metal 3D printing service, so they came to 3DEO for help. According to the company, the new finish dramatically improved the final product. 

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ErgoKiwi was a crowdfunded startup that did not want to pay the high startup costs of traditional manufacturing processes and hoped to find an on-demand manufacturing, low-cost alternative. ErgoKiwi was disappointed by the quality and surface of binder jetting and the high cost of DMLS. 


ErgoKiwi found metal 3D printing could be a great way to solve the problem of up-front costs by eliminating tooling/setup costs. 3DEo delivered parts that left ErgoKiwi "blown away" by the quality and surface finish, all while beating the cost of the other metal 3D printing service. 

Benefits of Metal 3D Printing with 3DEO

Superior Surface Finish

3DEO's patented metal 3D printers combined CNC machining and additive manufacturing to achieve the highest quality surface finish in the industry.

Cost Competitive with MIM/CNC

3DEO lowers the cost of complex component manufacturing with no massive infrastructure investments or start-up costs. 

Scalable Production Capabilities

3DEO can scale production up or down as needed by our customers and ship parts within weeks. We scale over time with our customers to high volumes.

About 3DEO

Based in Los Angeles, 3DEO is a production manufacturer of small and complex metal parts for customers of a variety of industries. The patented metal 3D printing technology is directly competitive with traditional manufacturing in terms of part pricing, material properties, and quantities. 3DEO's part properties exceed the high industry benchmark MPIF Standard 35 while achieving tight tolerances (+/- 0.002") and superior surface finish (100Ra). 

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