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3DEO in the News: CompanyWeek Profile, 3DEO

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3DEO in the News: CompanyWeek Profile, 3DEO

Posted by 3DEO on Jul 29, 2020 11:53:13 AM


Co-founder and President Matt Sand sees a big uptick in high-volume orders for 3D-printed metal parts.


"There's a big restructuring with the supply chain right now, and it plays into our favor," says Sand, one of 3DEO's three co-founders. "We're seeing from our existing customers more orders and a lot of interest in manufacturing in the U.S."

It follows that the company is moving from 10,000 square feet into a 60,000-square-foot manufacturing space that will increase capacity by a factor of 10, says Sand. The move will be complete by August 2020.

Sand says 3D printing caught him "hook, line, and sinker" before 3DEO's beginnings. "I got my MBA from UCLA, so I'm kind of the business guy," he says. "I met my two partners when they were halfway through their PhDs at the University of Southern California."


Sand says his co-founders were researching metal feedstocks and applications in "one of the top 3D-printing labs in the country" at USC. "They were basically hacking 2D printers, like Epson printers, and turning them into binder-jet printers," he says. "It was pretty amazing to see what they were doing."

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