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3DEO in the News: Manufacturing Showcase, 3DEO

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3DEO in the News: Manufacturing Showcase, 3DEO

Posted by 3DEO on Jul 6, 2020 7:18:17 AM

Industrial Machinery Digest

For a company that provides maximum agility to its customers in need of high-volume 3D printed parts, 3DEO stands as the perfect example of its own business model. Cofounded in 2016 by three partners who met at the University of Southern California, two of whom were completing graduate studies focusing on binder jetting technology, the original intent was to produce a low-cost 3D printer as an additive manufacturing OEM. 

Early lessons learned include that prototyping was already well-served, as was low-volume printing. The real niche that needed filling was soon revealed to be high-volume parts production, and the epiphany that customers didn’t really want to buy the printers, they just wanted to purchase parts in the quantities and to the specifications they required.

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